For the last two weeks I’ve had no thought about a new gadget arriving. I’d been given a ship date of June and I was OK with that. I wasn’t excited or anticipating anything. And then yesterday I got a shipping confirmation.

Everything changed. I have been excited since and I was a little anxious all day today while waiting for the delivery. My excitement level changed from 0 to 10 in one email.

Our brains are silly. My reaction doesn’t make any logical sense. Regardless, that’s the way we are. I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing lately in the context of our business – I am trying to be more and more conscious of the expectations that I set so that I can exceed those expectations.

The way we are wired doesn’t make sense – that things that we believe are ours are painful to give up – but it is unavoidable. Pay attention to what you promise to give others because once you promise it they will think it’s theirs. Look for the ways that you can greatly exceed expectations and create a super fan.