I played some pickup basketball today. We played a game called “21” which is an every player for themselves game to see who can score 21 points first. Each player is responsible for keeping track of her own score. My worst skill in that competition is keeping track of my own score.

I’ve known about this weakness for a while. I would never keep track of the score when playing volleyball or miniature golf. That information just doesn’t stick in my mind. Because I was weak I that area, I saw it as unimportant. To put it another way, not being good at keeping score doesn’t matter because I’m not good at it.

Today I realized that is a silly way to look at it. Keeping score is still important in many contexts. Being weak at it doesn’t mean that it isn’t important but that I need to get better at it or rely on people that are strong at it for support.

Am I the only one who looked at weakness this way? I find that hard to believe – let me know if you see any of yourself in what I’ve talked about.