One of my biggest wastes of mental energy is creating imaginary ideas about how other people see me. Usually I think that someone doesn’t like me based upon some tiny “clue” that I turn into something much larger. It goes something like this – a coworker sighs every time I enter the room, which could be caused by any number of different things, but I attribute it to them not liking me.

This is a colossal waste of my energy. First, I’m imagining another reality rather than living in this one. Second, I have no real evidence about the way that person feels without them telling me directly. Anything else is not true. Third, and most important, that reality doesn’t matter.

What matters is whether I believe that I am doing the right things. I cannot control whether that irritates a coworker. I cannot force my right things on everyone else. So I’m letting go of those thoughts when they enter my mind.