I’m toying with this idea right now and I don’t quite have myself convinced about it. My thought is that if a person sticks with something long enough then she will succeed at it. The hardest part is being able to stick with it long enough. She has to fight through not having enough financial resources, not having enough time, and all the thoughts that crowd her head telling her that what she’s doing isn’t good enough and it never will be.

I’m not sure that continually trying by itself is enough for success. I’m not sure that you don’t also need talent in that area. I don’t know whether we have natural talents we should stick with or whether anyone can be great at anything given enough determination.

On the other hand, I think many of us hold ourselves to a far higher standard than the rest of the world does. I don’t believe that success demands perfection. I believe that worthwhile success demands care. It demands that you care for yourself, the people you do the work for, and the work itself.