Here’s a picture of the large moth that has been living on our porch for the last couple of days. A Large Moth, possibly Polyphemus He’s been hanging out and we’ve been marveling at his size. I think he’s a Polyphemus moth but it’s hard to tell since I never saw his wings spread open. He just grabbed onto the porch and hung on through the windy days.

Today a bluejay spotted him, hopped onto the porch and grabbed him. He tried to fly away but was too large and too slow. The jay carried him to the roof and proceeded to rip his wings off. The moth was quickly finished.

Nature can be cruel. And this cruelty can be used as rationale for us humans treating each other cruelly. The oft-used corporate mantra “survival of the fittest” absolves individuals and companies of their sins against their brothers and sisters. Like the jay, they are just trying to survive. It’s not cruel, it’s life.

I believe we can be more than our animal side. I believe that survival of our brothers and sisters is as important as our own. I believe our kindness and generosity are our best traits.