Back in the days when the only way to find a company was the yellow pages, companies would start their name with “AAA” to be at the beginning of the list. I can see how that makes perfect, rational sense – it’s an obvious competitive advantage – but that’s not what I want. I want a company name that means something to me and that will hopefully mean something to my customers. I want something that shows that we are unique and not a commodity.

Along those same lines, I don’t like the way that I see a lot of the business world work. I don’t like self promotion, telling the version of the truth that flatters you the most, winning clients by taking them to dinner or hockey games, or getting ahead by pushing someone else down.

So I don’t do any of that. I’m glad I don’t because I would lose respect for myself if I did. But I worry that I’m being na├»ve and immature. I worry that I’m trying to live in a child’s world, one that is idealistic and doesn’t exist. Further, I worry that I can’t compete in a world where the winners get to the top using tactics I won’t.

I may have to change the way I think about some of these things, which I’m begrudgingly open to as I learn from new experiences. I don’t know how I’ll balance my self respect with what the world demands. I may have to grow up and embrace some of these things I don’t like.