I’ve never been a great salesperson. For a long time that was because I didn’t know my product. One memorable example of that happened when I was selling used cars. I was on a test drive with a couple and the man asked if the moonroof had an auto-open feature. I didn’t know and said that it did. And then he tried it. And I looked like a fool and my credibility was shot. That was embarrassing.

Now I have a very different problem – I’m afraid to sell things that I make. I don’t know if that sounds strange. I’m afraid to sell them for two reasons.

First, I know they aren’t perfect. I know them so intimately that I know all of their flaws and limitations. I know that one of my apps is deeply flawed because it is an alarm clock app that you have to leave open all night long. I haven’t been able to look past that flaw to sell it.

Second, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of someone not being happy with what I created and being angry at me for selling it to them. I’m afraid of the responsibility of taking someone’s money and the obligation that I feel that creates. I’m afraid of trying to sell something that I’ve put my heart into and the world not caring.

It’s much easier to hide behind the idea that I’m an artist and not everyone will get what I make. And to tell myself that the reason the things I create aren’t catching on is because I’m not even trying to sell them.

I’m terrified of the idea but I’m ready to start putting that hiding behind me. I make some damn good things that I’m proud of. It’s time for me to let the world know about them.