In many industries the biggest competitor is non-consumption. By that, I mean that people are not buying your product or service from anyone. For example, a household that does not buy any milk is a non-consumption household for a milk company. To combat non-consumption, milk companies team up in dairy industry associations and pay for advertising about the benefits of milk. This advertising is meant to convert non-milk-drinkers which increases the size of the industry. Every milk company benefits when their industry is larger.

I believe that the idea of forming a team with other companies in your industry – your competition – is powerful. I don’t mean that you should collude on pricing or do anything unethical. But work together to create awareness around the work you do. Work together to show people why non-consumption is bad for them in the long run.

When your competitors succeed your market is moved forward. Every news article highlighting the benefits of a project you did helps your competitors. Work together to create more opportunities for everyone.