The leaders of the last two companies that I’ve worked for always encouraged us employees to have a sense of urgency. I’ve generally tried to be the model employee and live up to the ideals of my leaders so I bought into it. I approached each and every task with a strong sense of urgency. This also played into my tendency to ship things before they were ready and my desire to be faster than everyone else. I was that annoying nerdy kid in school who prided himself on finished the test first.

I think that any focus on urgency is misplaced. It encourages rushing. It encourages corner cutting.

Instead of urgency, advocate patience. Promote doing the job right. Know that good things take time and push people to take that extra time. Schedule for it at the beginning.

Urgency is easy and it’s becoming the default in our culture as we cram more and more into our lives. We have to rush to get it all done. Patience is now the differentiator. Taking your time is a great way to set yourself apart from your competition.