In my mind one of the most critical skills a person can have is vision. By vision I mean that the person can see a future that is different than the way things are today. The person can imagine the way that things should be or at least the way that she wants them to be.

Without vision all the technical skill in the world is useless. You will simply be a cog in someone else’s machine because you won’t know how to use your talent. But with vision your talents are amplified. One of my greatest strengths is that my vision for how I want things to be drives me to learn new things and overcome challenges simply to see my vision come to life. What I know is amplified by the drive towards my vision and nothing can stop me.

So what do you do if you don’t have vision? Start looking for things that frustrate or annoy you. Can you do anything to fix them? No? Then look for something else. Eventually you’ll find one. Can you imagine a world where that frustration doesn’t exist? That’s your start. Repeat that a few times and you’ll see new visions for the world everywhere.