How much do you question what you do? I do it all the time. I take it to a bad place at times – asking myself multiple times while completing a single task whether it is what I should be working on. Or I’ll take things to heart and really question myself when someone strikes out at me in a mean way. I question my intentions when I want to do things and ask myself why I did the things I’ve done.

Overall I believe that over-questioning is better than under-questioning. It fits in much better with my philosophy that there is no right or wrong in most decisions and my system of continual learning and improvement. If I don’t question myself I fear that I’ll grow complacent and stop moving forward.

But there are times that I envy people with strong convictions about everything. I imagine it would make things much easier in some ways. My internal dialog might be freed up to do something else and it would be easier to support more causes because I’d get on board and never think about it again.

Maybe that envy is unfounded. Nothing in the world is quite as wondrous once you think you’ve gotten it figured out.