Wouldn’t it be nice if during our formal education teachers and professors told you “I know you’ve been taught this before, but it doesn’t apply anymore.” Things like that rule about not starting sentences with “and” and “or.” At some point it would be great for a person in authority to finally let you know that you aren’t doing it wrong.

Unfortunately you won’t be hearing that from those authority figures. And they won’t be telling you the more important things either – like the fact that studying for tests is not the most important skill in success because life doesn’t give you standardized tests. And the fact that you don’t have to wait to be called on by the teacher to stand up and have a voice and make an impact. You have to make that decision. You won’t be given the assignment of making a difference in the world. You have to figure that out yourself.

If it helps, I’m giving you permission to stand up and connect with your world. You have permission to be yourself, find your voice, and make your difference.

It’s your turn.