My biggest concern when I started writing a blog post every day is that I would quickly run out of things to write about. As I’ve described before, it is easy to try to think through everything before starting it and impossible to actually think it through. Our minds just can’t look that many steps ahead and there are far too many factors to take into account.

As I’ve been writing every day I have only had a few times when I didn’t have something I wanted to write about. I won’t say that everything I’ve written is good or even that everything I’ve written isn’t awful. But most of the time I’ve had something I wanted to write about.

Along the way I’ve come up with an idea of what to do when I get stuck – I’ll start with an idea that I’ve already had and go into detail about one of its components. For example, I’ve written recently about male and female stereotypes that are portrayed in fairy tales. From this topic I could show specific situations in specific fairy tales to further strengthen my point. Or I could describe characteristics about myself that seem to be influenced by these male and female stereotypes.

Just knowing that I have a system to come up with more things to write about takes pressure off and seems to make it easier to come up with new things.