It is funny to look back at things I believed when I was younger. The ideas seem so foreign. For example, for much of my life I thought I could find the “higher truths” of life in music. I doubt I’m alone in this. I don’t know if it was because the music was popular that made me believe that the lyrics held so much meaning. Maybe it was the melancholy music that gave them a certain kind of gravity that I equated with meaning. Either way, I know I was searching for something and that search led to song lyrics.

I was reminded of this tonight by a Jack Johnson song. Don’t remember the name of it, but it is the one that goes “I used to think that maybe, pretty much means no” or something to that effect. Don’t know why it triggered this memory – he wasn’t the only one that held this power over my younger mind – The Counting Crows, Live, Nada Surf, Ben Folds Five, and Third Eye Blind are several more I remember.

It is obvious now that none of them knew anything more than I know now. Each was trying to find her own way just like we all are.

I think this idea is one of the ones that shapes who I am the most right now. The idea that few universal truths exist. Everything else is true for me or for you and sometimes for the two of us, but not universally so. We are all trying to find our own truths.