Before today I’d never put together the ideas of “I follow certain people because they are super smart,” and “No matter what those people talk about I always find it interesting” with “Hey, because of the Internet I can probably seek out more of the people I am looking for.” Finally realizing this has led to this post and seeking out who I might be missing out on.

First I’ll share a couple I know about, in case you are missing out on them. I’ll include what I believe are their areas of expertise and how I follow them.

My current definition of “super smart” is that they make me think in ways that I’ve never thought before. For example, Horace Dediu recently discussed the British Navy and how its dominance led to every other country modeling their navy after Britain’s. He then compared this to the auto industry and emerging countries modeling their industry after that of America’s. I’m not doing his thoughts justice but I highly recommend all the episodes of his Asymcar podcast which I have linked below. That particular discussion was in episode 21.

Seth Godin

Expertise: Marketing, business, guiding individuals to move past the Industrial Age

Where you can find him: His blog, numerous books, and on a few recent podcasts

Horace Dediu

Expertise: Business, in particular why businesses fail or succeed

Where you can find him: His blog, The Critical Path Podcast, and the Asymcar Podcast

Just looking at this list I know I need more diversity in my super smart people. So I’d love to hear from you – who do you find super smart and generous that I should start following and where can I find them?