We filed the paperwork for our new business today. We are striking out on our own, full of hope, excitement, and enthusiasm. We are ready to make amazing things.

It is kind of crazy the difference that ownership makes. I’ve witnessed it in the past – moving from an employee to a manager has changed my perception of everything. Made me hopeful where I was cynical. Made the problems mine to solve instead of mine to complain about.

It is early and I fear that this joy and excitement will not last. The joy of making all the initial decisions and crafting just what we want our new thing to be. The excitement of putting everything we believe into practice to see if it really works. Emulating the companies we look up to – Fog Creek, Stack Exchange, Buffer, These Are Things, P’unk Avenue – when we can and figuring out who we are to fill the gaps.

I’m sure that tough days and long slogs lay ahead, but right now I’ll enjoy the excitement.