I’m planning to start doing a podcast. I’ve bought a mic and a stand and I’ve been learning about everything I need on the technical side.

But niggling in the back of my mind is the question “is the podcast you make going to be any good at all?” That question leads to thoughts of what to talk about and how to ensure I don’t say “uh, umm” constantly and why would anyone listen to me, endlessly going around in circles.

What I need to do is get it out of my head. I should already know this but for some reason it feels different when it is something brand new. Iterative design is what I do when I design web sites or make apps or do anything I’m good at. You have to get that first sketch on paper before you can realistically ask “how can I make this better?”

Before you can ask that question you have to have a “this”. And having that this makes all the difference. Then you can say “the proportions are off between the thin and the thick parts” or “we need more white space to separate these areas.” Before you have the this you cannot evaluate and you cannot improve.

Just make something, anything.

I’ll record that first podcast and listen back to it. And then I’ll know what can improve.