I’ve recently realized that I’m not good at two things that I want to be good at – writing and podcasting. I’ve been posting on my blog irregularly but those postings haven’t been enough for me to “find my voice”. I either feel like I am a stuffy, boring version of myself or like I am imitating writers I admire.

I’ve also just started my path towards podcasting and after only a few minutes of trying to record myself without stumbling I am very humbled. Listening to great podcasts makes it all seem so natural.

I think it’s great that I’ve found things that I am not good at and that I feel very uncomfortable with both. I have a lot of room to grow.

I will only get better by doing them often. I’ll start with writing – I’m going to take the challenge and ship for 7 days straight. I really think that in the long term every day may be too often to have a blog post since I tend to skip over the long daily blog posts that I subscribe to, but for a week it will be good.

After that challenge I’ll work on podcasting. Maybe just by recording my thoughts about something every day at first but at some point I need to ship that too.

While writing this I’ve asked myself “why do you want to be better at these two things.” I hadn’t asked myself that question before writing this so there is my first reason. Trying to communicate an idea to someone else makes you question it in ways that you don’t usually do in your internal mental dialog and both of these mediums stimulate those questions.

The second reason is that we have very limited ways of transferring information from one to another and I want to get better at all of them. I believe that our biggest limitation as a species is the difficulties we face transferring complex knowledge and I hope to find better ways of doing it.