I’ve recently heard someone say that you need to make sure that people know you are doing hard work.

The thought is that you won’t be appreciated for what people don’t see. If you make what you do seem easy then people won’t value your work. Plus, since what you did was so easy, people will keep asking for more and more.

That mindset drives me crazy. I approach work with an attitude of “that will be simple” 95% of the time. And maybe my work isn’t appreciated as much, it is hard to measure that. But people definitely keep giving me work, which is the important thing to me.

You can’t really make it look like you are working really hard without making it more difficult for people to give you work at the same time. And over time the friction of giving you work will result in you getting less work – people won’t want to put in the effort – and then eventually you become dispensable.

I’d much rather be overwhelmed with work and not be appreciated than hear appreciation but not have any income.

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