Despite living in the heart of the Bible Belt, I’m not religious. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not curious. That I don’t believe that somewhere in the roots of religion and other forms of spirituality you can find something real, something that applies no matter the century.

I’m really enjoying learning about Buddhism. My curiosity was first sparked listening to Dan Benjamin on 5by5 podcasts Back to Work and Build and Analyze. Dan would regularly throw in small bits of Buddhism to other topics.

To add to that spark, the first time I visited my sister in San Francisco, she told me about Mission Dharma. Mission Dharma describes itself as a San Francisco sangha that has gathered in the Mission District for over 25 years. In the midst of the overwhelming experience that is that city, I didn’t absorb what she was saying.

Fortunately, my sister is a pusher. I can’t remember how many times it took, but she eventually got me to listen to one of Howie Cohn’s Dharma Talks on the website. The talk was great.

Unfortunately, the experience of listening to the talk wasn’t great. I listen to things like that on the way to work. The length of the talk doesn’t correspond perfectly to the length of my drive. And mobile Safari has a way of reloading tabs due to memory demands, which means that I would regularly lose my place in the middle of listening to a talk.

So I started making an app to solve those problems. This past December Mission Dharma gave me permission to put it on the iOS App Store.

You can find it here, for free. I hope you’ll try it out and get something meaningful from Mission Dharma’s Dharma Talks.

I have also made the source code free. Maybe you can use it for your organization. Most of it is generic, but the part that pulls the audio files from the web page is a little hairy.

If you are part of or know of an organization that is doing good in the world that could use an app like this, please reach out to me and hopefully I can help.