My Rad Desk

This is where I’m working right now.

I took the top from my cheap, particle board with dark wood veneer breakfast table, which I bought from Walmart about a year ago, and cut it in half. Surprisingly, the veneer didn’t peel back – the Internet’s advice to cover the cut line with blue painter’s tape actually worked. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my saw configured correctly from the start, and the cut isn’t straight.

After cutting the tabletop in half, I placed it on a couple of the chairs from the table. Voila, desk.

Really, it’s a pretty bad solution at this point. My knees hit unless I slide my feet to the extremes of my range of motion, carefully maneuvering around the chair legs. My elbows drop below my wrists and in the lightly padded folding chair, I crumple over most of the day.

Anyhow, you don’t get to make excuses about a comfortable chair or proper ergonomic position holding you back from creating things. Set up a desk, follow my recommendation, and start sharing with the world!