You should buy Pain Free by Pete Egoscue now.

I don’t move enough. And neither do you. For at least seven hours a day I sit in front of a computer. If I don’t sit there then I can’t feed myself. But the human body was not meant to be sitting all day, only exercising a tiny bit of the range of motion of our joints and muscles. Humans are meant to move.

Not moving leads to pain – mine is mostly in my back and my shoulder, but on bad days it radiates down into my wrist.

This book has helped me to escape the pain – at least when I do the simple exercises. It will help you too.

I have an awful cycle of doing the exercises, feeling tons better, stopping the exercises because I feel like I don’t have time to do them, feeling worse again and barely being able to work, and restarting the exercises. You will have the same awful cycle, but at least the book will be there for you next time.