I finally downloaded Paper. Excellent app so far, even if I keep marking my page every time I try to flip it. Obviously I skipped the tutorial, opened up a notebook, and then got stuck. How the hell do I get back to the main screen?

Turns out, Paper’s pinching method to return to the main screen is very intuitive and once I took a few minutes to calm down, I figured it out. But why am I so afraid? Because I’ve been using apps that aren’t intuitive at all, and that has made me cautious. Double tapping in NetBot to see a conversation, or swiping to the right in the new Twitteriffic? It’s just weird. And the problem is that you don’t know what else might happen if you make a gesture.

So since I’m whining, I’ll provide a solution. If you say that gestures are similar to keyboard shortcuts because they are for power users, then you’re lying. Wait, I mean then we need to have similar gestures across apps for gestures to be usable for any group other than nerds. Why is command c so useful? It is the same across the system. We have one gesture that already fits this requirement - pull to refresh. Natural and systemwide. Easily discoverable. And seriously, if you are using the argument that gestures are like keyboard shortcuts, then you are deluding yourself and not making hard choices about what features need to stay and go. And that’s stressing me out.

You should tell me why I’m wrong on twitter.